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Spring Returning Player

Players who played during MY2012 Fall season in AYSO Region 213:

If you played this past Fall with Region 213, you are already a registered player.  That makes it easy to apply for Spring season.
We just need you to follow the few steps below, and you'll be well on your way to continuing a great time on the soccer field.
Log in to eAYSO


Choose "Signup for other programs." This is at the bottom left of the home screen. 
Then select the child(ren) you want to register, and click "Signup" for Spring.
Follow the prompts and complete the registration for the season(s) you want to register your child for.
Print out one copy of the Player registration from eAYSO for each season.
This is done by clicking "Print player form" from the main eAYSO window.  It will print the MY2012 form which may have information from Fall.  This is normal.
Submit a check payable to "AYSO Region 213."  The fee is $80 for a returning player.
Please write the following on the check:
1. Your child's name,
2. The season(s) they will be playing,
3. Their AYSO ID (on the top right of the eAYSO registration form).
Send the Registration form(s) and your registration payment check(s) for  to:
AYSO Region 213
Attn: Winter/Spring Registration
14252 Culver Dr. Ste. A
Box 206
Irvine CA 92604-0326